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Here you can find articles about the interior and entry doors. It contains useful information that we have got from our experience.

There are also valuable advices regarding installation of the entry doors, instructions on proper choice of doors and much more.

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Administration of "NovyiMir"

Optimal design of entry doors

A significant part of the products produced by the company “Novyi Mir” are the products made-to-measure. And first of all, it's entry doors.

The experience in design, manufacture and operation of the entry doors allows us developing a number of reliable design solutions that solve most of the problems.

Terms of storage, installation and operation of entry and interior doors

The product should be stored in ventilated, dry place at temperatures between + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C, the normal relative humidity - 50-60% at 20 ° C, set upright on two wooden linings from wood of any breed, a width not less than 100 mm and a thickness of not less than 50 mm and protected from direct sunlight.

Interior doors made of oak

Interior oak doors can be installed in residential and non-residential premises. Material for their production undergo strict quality control at each stage of the process. Whereby the finished products serve faithfully for many years.

Peculiarities of operation of entry doors in the autumn-winter period

In cold period there is significant number of complaints connected with condensation on the inner surfaces of the entry doors.

The analysis of such situations, as a rule, reveals a range of violations, such as violation of general engineering norms and rules of operation of the entry doors.  Most of these violations came from neglecting the basic laws of physics.

Interior doors

Quality doors, made by "New World", ideal for your interior, giving notes the originality of the general concept of decoration apartments.