New option - Video Eye.


We bring to your attention a new option for the doors of the New World company.

Video Eye is a modern electronic assistant.

KAK DV-DD3 in black and CYPATLIC JC528 in gray.



Detailed description


LCD screen: 2.4 inches. Adapter: 5 V 2 A. Camera resolution: 0.3MP (320 * 240). Viewing angle: 90 degrees. Memory: Built-in cyclic storage (in device)

Door hole diameter: 14-22 mm; Door thickness: 35-120 mm

IR LEDs: 2 pcs, 850 nm

Dimensions: Inner part: 80 * 80 * 16 mm, outer part: 50 * 50 * 13 mm.

Infrared camera with night vision mode With two IR-LEDs, even in the dark there will be a good image.

Take pictures automatically. Press the “doorbell”, the device will turn on and take photos. You can also take photos inside the house when you see someone special outside the door.

Energy efficiency - waiting time up to 6 months. Ultra-low power consumption. 650 mAh built-in lithium battery, easy to charge via USB. With low power consumption and long standby time, it can work for 6 months.


This peephole is made of ABS plastic.

2.8 inch color screen, angle: 160 degrees, resolution: 320 * 240

0.3MP camera with a viewing angle of 90 degrees with two IR LEDs, support for clear night vision at night, 850 mm.

Doorbell function.

Built-in circular storage for storing photos.

Temperature: -20 to 55 degrees.

Door thickness: 35-120 mm, door opening diameter: 14-22 mm

After clicking on the doorbell, an image will appear on the screen and the picture will be saved.

You can take a photo in manual mode by pressing a button on the display.

Powered by AAA * 4 Battery

This door peephole is designed with low consumption.

Batteries are not included.